Happy Dance with Rite Aid Trip 3/23

Starting with $11 +Ups, I was able to have a good trip:
(1) Clear men’s shampoo (with $1 RA peelie on it.)
$2.50MQ, $2VV
(2) Dove Men’s body wash
$2MQ. $1VV
(3) Maybelline FitMe Blush/Bronzer
(2) Dove Advance women’s deodorant
Subtotal: $11.19, paid $11 +Ups
OOP: $.19 + tax $1.67 = $1.86. Earned $11 +Ups.

By mycouponlady88


Today was the last day to use a $10 RR, so I tried to make it count…

(2) Cortaid @ $4.29
(2) Childrens Sudafed 2/$10
(2) Triaminic Fever Reducer 2/$10
(1) Flurry Bar @ $1.99
Subtotal $30.57

(2) $3/1 MQ Cortaid w/ $2 off ea w/ in-ad, giving me $1.42 overage
(2) $3/1 Triaminic
(2) $2/1 Sudafed
(1) $10 RR

OOP: $.57 (+ $2.03 tax = $2.60) and RR’s: $5, $5, $2

By mycouponlady88

When People Throw Away Money…

I checked my mail the other day and on the ground (next to the bin) was a Safeway mailer w/ a $10 off $50 coupon. I love when I find coupons this way… it’s as good as money if you ask me! The special thing about this coupon is that it will continue to generate a $10 off $50 every time I reach $50 in a single transaction until 4/14/12… WHAT?! I couldn’t wait to go to the store! Tonight, 1/25/12, went to Safeway w/ the store coupon, a $2 ONYO, and MQ’s:

(3) Jollytime popcorn
(6) Campbell Select Harvest
(2) Honey Bunches
(4) Prego (these had a 50% off sticker, making them $.49 before MQ!)
(1) Renolds Foil
(2) Kleenex (used a $.75/2 Catalina Q that I found in a basket on a prior trip)
(3) Jello’s
(5) UKotex pantiliners (Free until 1/31 w/ $1/1 MQs)
(3) Hallmark cards
(2) pks of top sirloin steaks (w/ 50% off)
(1) pk of chx breast, boneless
(1) head of cabbage (not on sale or J4U, but needed for tonight’s dinner)

OOP w/ tax $26.50! and I got the $5 Hallmark ONYO and another $10 off $50 store Q. I will definitely be making the most of my coupons.

By mycouponlady88

The New Beginning

This is my attempt to keep track of all my coupon crusades. I’ve been couponing for about a year and a half. It’s been hit or miss. I’ve tried to be consistent and actually get in on all the deals out there, but sometimes I just don’t feel like going to the store.  But even worse, my coupons aren’t in the best organizational shape. I’ve gone from a binder to dated insert method, to the envelope method. I’m working my way back to my binder.

We’ll see how it goes…


By mycouponlady88