When People Throw Away Money…

I checked my mail the other day and on the ground (next to the bin) was a Safeway mailer w/ a $10 off $50 coupon. I love when I find coupons this way… it’s as good as money if you ask me! The special thing about this coupon is that it will continue to generate a $10 off $50 every time I reach $50 in a single transaction until 4/14/12… WHAT?! I couldn’t wait to go to the store! Tonight, 1/25/12, went to Safeway w/ the store coupon, a $2 ONYO, and MQ’s:

(3) Jollytime popcorn
(6) Campbell Select Harvest
(2) Honey Bunches
(4) Prego (these had a 50% off sticker, making them $.49 before MQ!)
(1) Renolds Foil
(2) Kleenex (used a $.75/2 Catalina Q that I found in a basket on a prior trip)
(3) Jello’s
(5) UKotex pantiliners (Free until 1/31 w/ $1/1 MQs)
(3) Hallmark cards
(2) pks of top sirloin steaks (w/ 50% off)
(1) pk of chx breast, boneless
(1) head of cabbage (not on sale or J4U, but needed for tonight’s dinner)

OOP w/ tax $26.50! and I got the $5 Hallmark ONYO and another $10 off $50 store Q. I will definitely be making the most of my coupons.

By mycouponlady88

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